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New to Canada?

If you are a new immigrant looking to buy your first home I can help. If you can prove that you had good credit in your country of origin or already have good established credit in Canada then you can qualify for our best rates:

  • Credit history is important. An international credit report may work for you, or a reference letter from a recognized financial institution in your country of origin. Even though it is not required, it is a good idea to start establishing credit in Canada as soon as you can.
  • Alternative ways to demonstrate credit-worthiness that several lenders will recognize:
    – a year of timely payment history of your rent (to a non-family member) confirmed by a letter from the landlord and supported by bank statements;
    -2 months of payment statements for utilities, telephone, cable,or insurance premiums, or documented savings for 12 months.
  • Three months of employment history is a key requirement. If you have arrived as part of a corporate relocation, you are exempt from this requirement.
  • A downpayment of five percent is typically the minimum required. If you are not employed, a larger down payment will be required.
  • A valid work permit or verification of landed immigrant status is required.
  • Independent mortgage advice is definitely recommended.

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