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Think that you should be the one to decide how your money is spent?

You’re not alone. Sometimes, it makes good financial sense to keep your mortgage payments as low as possible to free up funds for investment or other uses. The good news is that several innovative lenders have introduced “interest-only” mortgages, so you can decide where your money goes. I have access to products which allows you to pair your mortgage with a interest only line of credit (LOC) – allowing you to take advantage of increasing equity in your home as you pay down your mortgage. Create sub-accounts for your LOC and keep track of each of the projects you want to finance. Best of all, you can boost your tax advantage by using your LOC to purchase investments that may qualify you to tax deduct the interest paid on this separate LOC. Any tax refunds generated can then be used to accelerate mortgage pay down and increase the LOC portion for further qualifying investments.

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