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Steven ChengHi, my name is Steven and I am a registered mortgage professional who will provide you with the best service and advice for your mortgage and financing needs.

I am part of The Mortgage Group Canada Inc., which is part of a national brokerage network of professional mortgage brokers with over 25 years of experience that can ensure you get the best mortgage that fits your unique situation and lifestyle.  I personally have worked on hundreds of mortgages since 2012.  The best rates are just the beginning of what a mortgage professional does. Anyone can go on the internet and find out what rates are out there, but not everyone has access to special rates not posted to the general public and has the  integrity to give you those special rates, even if it means a lower commission.  There are different mortgage products that are best suited for different goals. For example, if you have rental properties or require a line of credit for investments a mortgage product best suited for these goals will have different rates and features. I always try to follow “The Platinum Rule: Treat others the way they want to be treated.” I want to be your mortgage professional today and in the future, so honesty, integrity, sincerity and some laughs is key. Please give me a good old fashioned call to say, “Hello!”  My clients always tell me they like that I often answer my phone on 2 rings and if for some reason I do not pick-up I will do a return call with-in a hour.  My clients always call me on the weekend and say, “sorry for calling you on a weekend.”  I say, “what do you mean?  call me anytime I am here for you!” I am flexible to your schedule and when we meet, expect me to give you a genuine smile and handshake! My eyes will be focused on you, ears listening and brain computing to how I can serve you. You are the star!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me using any of the methods below.

Phone: 778-828-0398

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